The Books I Read in 2016


2016 was the first year I began and ended as an academic librarian.  The books I’ve read definitely reflect that professional change – learning about assessment, information literacy instruction, critical pedagogy, developing a student advisory board – it’s been a busy year!  (I must admit, I’m still working through the essays of the Critical Library Pedagogy Handbook, but they are so good I couldn’t wait to include it in next year’s review.

I also made a bit of time for reading for fun.  Ever since I finished graduate school I don’t take any moment spent reading fiction for granted.  I received Meghan Daum’s My Misspent Youth and Joan Didion’s Slouching Towards Bethlehem Essays from my dear friend Katie Eelman of media + events at Papercuts J.P.  Obviously, she has great taste and there are other recommendations from her and others on their site!  My first Margaret Atwood was a head-scratcher, but fun.  I’ve always loved Louise Erdrich.  And Mark Magro is a friend, and his first YA novel is really good!  The Interestings and Station Eleven were gleaned from a Twitter conversation from Anna Sale of Death, Sex, and Money and Marc and I read them aloud to each other during our honeymoon.  We spent an entire day in bed… reading.

There are probably a few books that I’m forgetting; I’ll do a better job of keeping track next year!  If you’re reading this and have a book suggestion please comment below!  I think you can tell my interests are pretty eclectic!

Author: Jess Denke

Assessment and Outreach Librarian at Muhlenberg College

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